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(updated 8/22/04) - scroll down for a listing of Glom Job Descriptions



Jim Hillas (Dr. Painjoy) - HMFIC (head mutha fuka in charge) in charge of... well... it's really unknown what, exactly ,Painjoy does, but let's hope he does it well!  He can be emailed at: mtnsunrisejh@yahoo.com

Russ Gamble - GOOF (glom organizer of funds) in charge of collecting our dues, budgeting, allocating funds, and making sure we spend our money wisely.  Email him at: rssgmbl@aol.com

Alex Steneck (Soss Boss) - GECO (glom events coordinator & organizer) overseeing the planning of the "official events" in the Glom at Bman.  Alex is working in conjuction with the individual leaders of these events.  His responsibilities are primarily "pre-burningman" (lord knows he will have his hands full with the PlayaQ at Bman).  Events are The LBD, The Weird Underwear Brigade, Greeting, etc.  If you have an idea for an event or questions, you can email him at: alex@anthropic.tv

Amy Duffy (Hunny Bunny) - GOOSE (glom organizer of shifts executive) makin sure all your slack-asses sign up for shifts on the playa.  Check out the job descriptions... then decide what kinda phreak you are and sign up for about 6-8 hrs of jobs.  Email your job requests or questions to her at: sugmag222@aol.com

Randy Pritchett-Behymer (Randanna/Red) - GAL (glom attractions liaison) encouraging new attractions, keeping on top of the leaders of attractions, trying to fill thier needs, and keeping the rest of us up to speed on the progress of all the Glom attractions.  If you have an idea for a new attraction or wanna help out with an existing one, email her at: randanna@comcast.net

Joey Pettegrew (Mayor Joey) - GIMP (glom insane mad psycho-scientist) in charge of drinking heavily and creating high tech rides and attractions.  Email Joey at: akadweeb@aol.com

Travis LeBaron (Variety/Smooth) - GRAPE (glom research and planning executive) in charge of finding stuff.  He is the jackoffalltrades (did i spell that right?)  Painjoy's right hand man.  An idea man.  A one man think tank.  And guardian of the Glom Wish List.  Email him at: looks2wice@yahoo.com

Rocky Mullin (Rocky) - head of LATEX team (lighting and tech effects xperts).  They are in charge of the gennie, power grid, lighting and special effects that are so vital to our village.  The LATEX team consists of; Rocky Mullin, Bill Keiser (Billy Sharpstick), Peter Somers (Edge), Don Syrek (Starman), Frank Walker (needs a name!), and Adam Weakley (Grillmaster Kinski).   Email him at:  caliban@sharon.net

Randy Holmes (Riz) - GOPUSSI (glom official pyrotechnic and uniform safety specialist & instructor) in charge of making sure all glom fire & pyro stuff is safe and  in compliance with the Bman Org.  Also, assisting in the creation of fire/pyro art with ideas and logistic advice.  And quite the fire performer!  Email him at:   firebyriz@aol.com 


Below is a list of the jobs you can choose from in the Glom.  The phabulous village we live in and the kick-ass attractions we have in our village require much effort.  The Glom needs every member to pull his/her wieght by signing up for at least 12 hrs. of work shifts for while they are at Burningman.  These work shifts are one of the main things that got us back on the esplanade last year and will keep us there for years to come.  After reading the descriptions, check out the "Work Shift Schedule" page and see what times/days are available.  There are sign-up instructions on that page.  And by the way... u rock!  The Glom loves you!!!

GLOM JOB DESCRIPTION LISTING: (descriptions are still being modified for 2004)

Job: Hello Camp Crew
Hours of Operation: 2pm-4pm
Objective: Give Esplanade "passers-by" new names ("Hello-my-Name-is"... stickers) and inform them of what's going on in the Glom that night.
Shift Duration: 2 hours
Equipment Needed: Pre-made stickers, Trash Bag, Sign, Flyers
Description: First, get all the Hello Camp supplies from Dr. Painjoy.  This is a very fun, goofy, social job.  A great way to meet people and promote the Glom.  Weird costumes are incouraged.  A vivacious and outgoing personality is a plus!  At least three people are needed per shift.  One person holds the Hello Camp Sign, one (or more) person(s)  hands out stickers, one person collects the trash.  The main gist of this job is to stop people as they are walking past the Glom and give them new names (via the stickers) and let them know about the Glom village and it's upcoming events.  (The stickers have dirty names on them as well as info about the Glom)  This should be done in a very fun and, dare we say, aggressively-flamboiyant way!  The person with the "Hello Camp" sign is traditionally the agressive "people catcher" who stops the passers-by in some wild way (usually thru the extensive and semi-obnoxious use of the word "hello") and then sends them over to the Name Giver.  The Name Giver then ask them what thier name is... then says "not any more!" and fans out the stickers upside-down, like a deck of cards and tells them to "pick a new name for the day".  They may not look at the names... they have to choose blindly.  When a name has been chosen, it is peeled and stuck to a body part (dont be too rude) of the person and the new name is said aloud.  The names are all dirty-puns like "Mike Hunt" and "Anita Spankin" and "Ivanna Hardwon", etc.  (There are hundreds of names.  Some male, some female.  They are color coded.  Be sure to fan the correct gender stickers to the correct gender person... if you can tell!)  Then try to "chat-up" the person about the Glom, it's attractions, and upcoming events.  If they are interested, give them a Glom Flyer (if they have a place to put it).  The Glom Flyers contain more detailed info about the Glom's events and attractions)  The Trash Person will always be there to collect the backer-paper when stickers are peeled.   Remember to return supplies to Dr. Painjoy when you are finished. Don't litter!

Job: Police Call (two per shift)
Hours of Operation: 10am - Noon
Objective: Pick up all trash and micro-trash in the Conglomerate and the adjacent streets and dispose of properly.  Clean the Bar and Bar areas.  Also, spray filtered shower water onto the playa.
Shift Duration: 2+ hours
Equipment Needed: Trash Bags and Twist Ties
Description: Begin by cleaning the bar and surrounding area.  This includes trash pick-up, organizing reclyclables, putting things in "lost and found", and washing down the bar (cleaning products should be located under the bar).  Systematically walk thru the entire village, including personal camps and bordering streets and pick up all trash and micro trash. Be careful while in personal camps not to dispose of anything that is not trash (when in doubt, ask about). If you do come across a particularly “littered” camp, make an effort to talk to those glommers and tell them to “shape up”! Separate the trash you collect; burn the burnables, recycle the recyclables, and seal the “wet” trash. Aluminum cans go to the appropriate area near the bar. These cans will be brought to “recycle camp” by the Ice Runners. Glass and plastic recyclables also go to the bar area and will be hauled away at the end of the event by the Trash Haulers. Your patrol does include the fire pan area and the nearest burn platform on the esplanade.  Also, you must drain the water in the collection pool under the Glom shower by using the filter/sprayer system... find Mike Katz for instruction on how to do this.   Wash your hands when you are done, stinky!

Job: Bartender
Objective: Serve up frosty cocktails and other beverages to the citizens of Black Rock City. Act as an Ambassador. Kiss/Hug customers, or whatever they wish.
Hours of Operation: 4PM to 6AM
Shift Duration: 2 hours
Equipment Needed: A fully stocked bar, a smile, and a good Bar Back.
Description: Serve your neighbors! THE CONGLOMERATE is famous for its gift bar. This means that we serve up frosty beverages and ask for nothing in return. This is not a barter bar.  A good bartender always has what the customer orders available, and a lighter in his or her pocket to spark up smokes. This is a very social position, and a very important chance to meet and greet our neighbors in Black Rock City!

Job: Bar Back
Objective: To assist the Bartender with all bar operations and to maintain order in the bar area.
Hours of Operation: 4PM to 6AM
Shift Duration: 2 hours
Equipment Needed: Flashlight
Description: Assist the Bartender by stocking the bar with liquor (know storage location before-hand), beer, wine, mixers, ice, fruit, cups, napkins, and other supplies. Take out the trash and dispose of properly (i.e. burnables, non-burnables, aluminum, glass) Assist with other bar operations such as music, lighting, crowd control, power issues, etc.) Socialize with customers and promote the Glom when not busy.

Job: Trash Hauler
Objective: To haul away and properly dispose of all bar trash and collected MOOP after the event.
Hours of Operation: 4PM to 6AM
Shift Duration: However long it takes to drive to the dump.
Equipment Needed: Heavy Duty Trash Bags, Twist Ties, Vehicle with spare room (preferably a pick-up truck or trailer, Possibly money for dumping fees... see treasurer.
Description: To be a Trash Hauler, you must have spare room in your vehicle. You should also commit to staying at Bman until, at least, Monday, Labor Day. Ensure that all trash is properly bagged...double bagged if necessary. Take as many bags with you as you can safely fit in your vehicle. Haul this trash out of BRC and dispose of it at your home or at a certified dump site. If you are going to a dump site, acquire the appropriate funds from the Glom Treasurer. Remember to keep a receipt from the dump and send the receipt to the treasurer after you get home.  Make sure all trash is secured properly... we don't want trash falling out on the roads!!!

Job: Spank-O-Matic Director
Objective: To oversee all Spank-O-Matic operations including participant safety, participant satisfaction, distribution of commemorative stickers, and supervision of megaphone operator and Spank-O-Matic operator.
Hours of Operation: 8PM to 4AM
Shift Duration: 2 hrs.
Equipment Needed: Stickers, Riding Crop, Costume of your choice
Description: After the Megaphone Operator draws in participants, they are placed in line (if necessary) to meet YOU. Once they are ready to be the next SOM customer, you invite them onto the platform. Note: Check the participant’s clothing/costume for any dangerous items that could hurt/stab them during the spanking... encourage bare-ass spankings. Then give them the safety & equipment speech:

"Grab the rope lasso handles. Don’t let go until the spank-o-matic stops.
When you have had enough, yell “thank you”. DO NOT put your hands
behind you at any time. If you want a harder spanking, lean into the
paddle... softer, lean forward a bit. I’m going to adjust your ass to the
right height now. Ready?"

Then instruct the Spank-O-Matic Operator to begin.
Do not cue the operator until the participant is ready. Alert the megaphone
operator if there are any problems, so he can alert the crowd.

Job: Spank-O-Matic Operator
Objective: To safely operate the SOM as instructed by the SOM Director.
Hours of Operation: 8PM to 6AM
Shift Duration: 2 hrs.
Equipment Needed: Spank-O-Matic, repair tools, finger
Description: The Operator’s job is to spank the SOM participants by depressing the SOM activator button. It is important that you pay close attention to the instructions of the Director and the reactions of the participant. DO NOT start spanking until instructed to by the Director. Stop spanking when instructed to by the Director or if the participant says “thank you” or if you see any problem with the machine. Check the SOM often for loose parts. Do Not allow anyone within 5 ft. of the SOM except for the Director and the participant. Do Not give the controls to anyone else. If you need to put the controls down for any reason, turn off the machine first. If the machine becomes unsafe in any way, shut it down and fix it, or find someone who can. Notify the Director of any problems.

Job: Esplanade Megaphone Operator
Objective: To entice the citizens of BRC to try out the SOM, The Bondage Wall, The gASSo enemas, The orgASSmatron, etc.. Control the crowd. Keep it safe and fun.
Hours of Operation: 8PM to 6AM
Shift Duration: 2 hrs.
Equipment Needed: Megaphone, Spare Batteries, Cool Costume, Good Speaking Voice and a Sharp Mind
Description: Stand near or on the Esplanade and use the megaphone to entice people to participate. Do this in a fun and humorous manner. Don’t be mean, insulting or too pushy. Keep the crowd away from the machine. Instruct people to form a line when need be. Move around a bit so as not to impair people’s view. There is a cue card of cliches you can use if you need it. Keep an eye on what’s going on at the attractions so you can coordinate what you say with what’s going on. Announce world record attempts on the SOM... get the crowd to count along. Never force anyone to be a participant. Keep it fun.

Job: Masters & Mistresses
Objective: To ensure a good, fun, erotic and safe experience for all bondage wall participants and the crowds that ensue.
Hours of Operation: 8PM to 3AM
Shift Duration: 1 hr.
Equipment Needed: Painjoy’s S&M toys, your own personal (approved) toys, cool outfit/costume (preferably fetish), an open mind, common sense, spare batteries, spray cleaner, paper towels.
Description: The bondage wall is for the PLEASURE of participants and onlookers. The role of being a Dom or Sub should NEVER be forced on anyone. Although enticing and encouraging passers-by is very permitted. In fact, you should do this if you want to have any customers. Keep an eye on all the “toys”. Try not to let them get stolen. When toys are not in use, keep them stored behind the bondage wall. When first meeting a participant, ask them if they have ever done this before. Get as much information as you can about what interests them. The more info you get, the better their session will be. Ask them if they want to be a Sub (spanked) or a Dom (give the spanking). If they want to be a Dom and YOU DON’T want to be a Sub, find a Sub for them. Then instruct them of the “rules of the wall”... especially “safe words”. Safe words work like this: The Sub is instructed to say the word “Yellow” if the scene is getting a little to intense... then the Dom should back off a bit. The Sub is instructed to say the word “Red” if they want to STOP a particular action or end the session completely. Remember, NO means No... But, Yes means Yes! The rules apply to all Doms and Subs whether members of the Glom or not. There is no fluid exchange allowed on the wall. Everything that goes on at the wall shall be safe, sane, and consensual. If you are unsure about how to use any of the particular toys/equipment, DON’T use it, get instruction first. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to anything that makes you uncomfortable, but at the same time, keep an open mind. Prior to the beginning of a session, ask the participant(s) if they mind pictures being taken. If they don’t want photos taken, it is your job to enforce this rule! Have fun... spank away.

Job: R2 Tattoo Artists
Objective: To provide artistic and creative body painting to glommers and glom customers.
Hours of Operation: 2PM to 8PM
Shift Duration: 3 hrs.
Equipment Needed: Henna, Body Paints, Brushes, Water, Sponges, Massage Table, Paper Towels or Rags, Spray Cleaner, Creative mind, Artistic hand.
Description: As participants arrive, ask what they want painted on them and decide if you are able to do that. If you can, paint away... if not, be honest and tell them. Then try to give other suggestions that are within your repertoire. When finished with each brush or tool, clean it with water and lay out to dry so the bristles are straight. Cover all paints that are not in use. Clean spills as they happen. Clean the table when finished.  See Calan Johnson or David Lupien if you have questions.

Job: Salon du Butt Crack Artist
Objective: To entice the citizens of BRC to have their butts painted and then make lovely imprints of the butt-art on paper... then do it!
Hours of Operation: 11am to 5pm
Shift Duration: 3 hrs. (11am-2pm & 2pm-5pm)
Equipment Needed: Paints, Paper, SduBC seal, Pen, good sense of humor, tact.          Description: As participants arrive, ask them what they would like to have painted on their posterior (flowers, animals, landscapes, imaginary creatures, logos, symbols, pets, partners, Saddam Hussein's face, anything goes) and a print will be made thereof. Then we do not remove the paint from their butt...Perhaps have them sit/roll in the dust to take it off, or just let it dry and come off naturally (it is water-based poster paint). When the print is made, it is stamped with the SduBC "Official Seal" and numbered and signed by the artist.....the participant's print number, name and home town are logged into the log book and the print is hung on the "gallery wall" until Sunday when each may come and claim their print to take home. Procedures: Rinse the brush(es) between colors, or use separate brushes, do not mix colors (you can try that on the "canvas")...we do not touch the participant with anything but the paint brush for obvious reasons. If the subject matter is too complex or there is a problem with abilities, please talk around with other SduBC members for someone else to do it or renegotiate with the participant for something more feasible. Keep the paints covered when not using them and re-moisturize them periodically to keep them fluid...change brush water as needed. Some participants expect the painter to have done this already, so be prepared to have your own done. We do not require people to show frontal nudity, so be sensitive to that...and sometimes we encourage them to "sit" on the paper rather than press it onto them....and we have done multiple persons on one print. The Burning Man logo seems to be a popular and reliable subject. We always encourage people to matt and frame the prints and hang them in their workplace and not tell anyone the truth. Happy Painting!

Job: gASSo Attendant
Objective: To provide participants with refreshing gas enemas for their amusement and that of the crowd.... Also, to encourage participants to try out the orgASSmatron.
Hours of Operation: 8PM to 4AM
Shift Duration: 2 hrs
Equipment Needed: Lucy or Penelope (gas enema machines), extra propane canisters, repair tools, fire extinguisher, first aid kit.
Description: Practice with the machine before using it on people! While working in conjunction with the Esplanade Megaphone persons, ask passers-by if they would like a refreshing gas enema or a ride on the orgASSmatron. Tell willing participants to remove any flammable clothing from their ass area prior to the enema. Hold the nozzle NEAR the participant’s ass, discharge an appropriate amount of gas into the tube, and ignite. Be careful not to use too much gas!!! Don’t Burn People! In case of a fire accident, remember... STOP, DROP AND ROLL!!! Always know where the fire extinguisher is. Always know where the first aid kit is. Don’t leave Lucy or Penelope unattended. If either machine malfunctions, discontinue use until repairs are made. Flame on!  If you are encouraging participants to use the orgASSmatron, first, be sure you know how to operate that machine.  Have the particapant sit on the machine, turn it on, let the good times roll.  Don't let any one person hoard all the fun.  Keep the line moving.

Job: Ice Runners
Objective: Ensure that the Bar and the Village are well stocked with ice and bring aluminum trash to recycle camp.
Hours of Operation: See description
Shift Duration: 2 hours
Equipment Needed: Pen, Paper, Pockets for money, Vehicle with Driver, strong arms, megaphone
Description: At approximately 11:45 pm on your day, use the megaphone to announce to the Village that you are going on an ice run in 15 minutes. Go to the Bar and gather up any bags of aluminum that need to be recycled. Collect money from glommers that need ice. Keep track of this with pen and paper. Check bar to see how much ice is needed for that day/night. The bar uses about 10 bags per night. Acquire needed funds from the Glom Treasurer (Russ Gamble) to buy ice. (Last year ice cost $2.00 per bag) At 12:00 pm, you and the driver depart for Center Camp. Go to Recycle Camp, in Center Camp first, and drop off the recyclables. Then go to Camp Arctica and purchase ice. Note: the driver may not be allowed to drive the vehicle into center camp, so you may have to hoof-it a bit. If they are sold-out of ice, find out when the next delivery is and go back then. After ice is purchased, return to The Glom and stock the bar. Then distribute ice to those in The Glom that gave you money. Give the appropriate change. Then give Russ a written receipt for the ice you purchased for the bar. Properly dispose of any plastic bags. Keep cool!

Job: Tower Operator
Hours of Operation: 8PM to 4AM
See Mayor Joey for Description of  this job  akadweeb@aol.com

Job: Tower Brakeman
Hours of Operation: 8PM to 4AM  See Mayor Joey for this one too!

Job: PlayaQ    Contact Soss Boss for info on all PlayaQ jobs   alex@anthropic.tv  or go to http://www.playaq.com

Job: Burningman Greeter
Hours of Operation: Day and Time TBA
Objective: Greet new Burningman arrivals after they drive thru the main gate.
Shift Duration: 4 hrs.
Equipment Needed: Cool outfit (or no outfit), sunscreen, water, snack.
Description: SO, ya wanna be a Greeter? Being a Greeter is some of the most fun 4 hours you'll have on the Playa.

Ask anyone who has done it before, they'll tell you. I've been at it 3 or 4 years now and have drug the Glom in as a team for the last 2 years. We have a reputation to up-hold here people! Last year, the Illinois crew (first time Glommers) were out-fucking-standing! When the next shift never showed up, they all agreed to stay an extra hour while BM officials gathered up the floater crew to make a team. Being a Greeter means you say you'll do it, then I harass you gently until the morning of the shift. Usually it's 8 to noon Tuesday or Wednesday. Then I go from tent to tent and give you a chance to wake up to my 'loving mom' voice. Then I bang around and yell and get the megaphone! We all ride out on bikes and get a brief hello and up-date from the shift about to leave. We get BRC Gazettes, maps, and other pertinent information and begin. Each car coming in is Greeted by YOUR smiling face. "Welcome Home" is the most popular thing said. You quiz them...is this your first time?....do you have at least a gallon of water for each person for each day?....feather boas - - you know those bad boys shed like crazy, leave them in the car ok? etc.

Last year the raging issue was the port-ass-potties. Folks putting something besides potty stuff in there were about to have us shut down for health violations. We made up sayings, rhymes, songs, anything, to get new arrivals to know that it was of utmost importance that we DO NOT put anything in those potties that didn't belong there. And it worked. I heard from BM myself....the Greeters did a great job keeping the Burn open that year.

We play, a lot. We wear costumes, or nothing at all if you like. We ask them if they'd like to get out of their car and be 'welcomed" in a number of ways. If they say no, we give them a hug through the window - if they lets us- and wish them a great time on the Playa, but not till we give them info on how the weather has been, what issues are key for that Burn, etc. We don't board any vehicles (anymore) we don't panhandle (anymore) and we DON’T ever drag some one out of their car....EVER. Some of these folks have driven MANY hours (I used to drive 55 straight to just get there) and all they want is to be greeted warmly, given the info they need and sent on their way to their camp.

Last years 'offers' were...a hug, a spanking by the beautifully dressed Amy and her riding crop (lots of folks asked for that one), some did jumping jacks, some rolled in the playa...getting it all over them sooner than later, one did a scene from Shakespeare, one played his trumpet! Mostly, we welcome them and give them the info that they need to make the event a great one for all of us. SO...

If ya wanna be a greeter, let me know and I'll start a list of you fine folks. As time gets near I'll be in contact with you via email.... and we'll have some serious fun! Email Deb to get on her list at:  firemonkey@thephambly.com

Job: Camp Supervisor (aka Camp Bitch)
Objective: To act as The Glom’s “General Manager” for half of the day. Oversee the general welfare of the Glom attractions and community events. Supervise Glom workers. Greet new Glom arrivals. Act as a roving problem solver.
Hours of Operation: 6am-6pm & 6pm-6am (if done by a couple)
Shift Duration: 12 hrs. (or 24 if done by one person)
Equipment Needed: Information Folder, Supervisor Hat, Paper, Pen, 2-way radio, know location of fire extinguisher and first aid kit and welcome paks for new arrivals, Flashlight, Cool Costume/Outfit, Megaphone, Minimum 3 years of Burningman experience.
Description: Be up and about by 9:00 am with a clear head! Get the Supervisor Hat and Vest from Painjoy’s Camp. Post your name on the Camp Message Board as the Camp Supervisor for that day. Spend your day wandering thru the village looking for problems to solve, things to fix, and people to help. Be visible. Stay in the Village as much as possible. Ensure that all glom workers start their jobs on time. Enhance the labor force as needed from the list of “floaters” for that day. Terminate the employment of glom workers if they are unsafe or doing their jobs terribly. Periodically check the status of the generator. Fill as needed. Never fill a running generator. Periodically check on the power grid. Check on the firewood supply. Check on the lighting systems at dusk. If bad wind or rain is coming, go from camp to camp checking to see that things are battened-down. Act as “Camp Greeter” when new glommers arrive. Know ahead of time which glommers are scheduled to arrive that day. Know ahead of time where their camps are located. When they arrive, greet them (improvise!). Give them their Welcome Paks. Show them where their camp is located.  Bring them up to speed on Glom events/happenings. Make sure they are aware of their work schedules and job descriptions. Tell them where the nearest port-a-potties are located. Show them the power grid and nearest plugs. Tell them to keep their camp clean or the "litter police" will scold them. When Glom attractions open up, wander from one to the other checking the following; safety, worker attendance, workforce needs (water, food, supplies, etc.), equipment repair needs, bar stock status, crowd control. Know how to contact professionals in case of an emergency. Let professionals handle serious emergencies. Wear the Supervisor Hat and Vest during your shift. Return Hat and other stuff to Painjoy’s camp before you go to bed or give to the next Supervisor.