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(updated 5/4/04) 


WELCOME TO THE BURNING BAND WEBPAGE.  (this is part of the conGLOMerate village website)  INFO ON THIS PAGE IS OFFERED TO AID THE MEMBERS OF THE BURNING BAND AND GUEST-MEMBERS OF THE BURNING BAND WHO ARE WELCOMED, WITH LOVING ARMS, TO JOIN THE BAND DURING PLAYA-PERFORMANCES.                The Burning Band is a camp within the conGLOMerate village.  And as much as we would love to have you all camping right in The Glom with us, our space is very very limited.  Being invited to play with the BBand is not an invitation to camp in The Glom, but if you feel you may have a lot to offer the Glom village, which contains about two dozen camps and attractions, feel free to contact our village leader,       Dr. Painjoy, at:  mtnsunrisejh@yahoo.com   Who knows... if you are crazy enough, hard working enough, and really want to be part of a great village, we may find space for ya!

The Burning Band - Who are we?  We are you!  Just a bunch of wacky marching band musicians who enjoy lending our talents (or lack thereof) to the wonderful insanity of Burningman!  The BBand's roots are in California, but our tentacles now stretch across the country.  The "parent band" of the BBand is the Los Trancos Woods Community Marching Band which plays in parades in the Bay Area.   The Burning Band does most of it's planning and discussion on the email list:  BurningBand@topica.com    Please join the list and help us plan this years shenanagans!  You can subscribe to the list by sending a blank email to:  BurningBand-subscribe@topica.com   On the email list, you can also make suggestions for new songs for the BBand to play this year. 

The Songs - The BBand plays most songs in concert B Flat.  The songs we play are mostly classic tunes like; Tipperary, Walk Right In, Yes we have no Bananas, and so on.  The lyrics  to most of the songs the Burning Band plays can be found at:  http://www.jimharvey.org/ltwcmb/pix/tunes.pdf 

To hear the tunes:  http://www.jimharvey.org/ltwcmb/html/tunes.html 

And other great oldies we may play:   http://www.rienzihills.com/SING/  

Uniforms (shirts and caps) -       Having a Burning Band uniform is not required, but it is encouraged!  Uniforms add more fun, style and credence to the BBand performances.  Our lovely leader, Sindy, has amassed over 40 shirts for new BBand volunteers.  All you need to do to get your grubby paws on one is mail a donation of $15-$20 to Sindy.  She paid for the shirts/caps and she and her minions are decorating them for you... at cost!!!  What a gal!!!  If you send in your donation, the shirt and cap will be waiting for you on the playa (well, not ON the playa, but in the conGLOMerate village, with Sindy) 

If you have quesitons, you can email Sindy at:  flossyrabbit@earthlink.net 

Mail your donation (any your name, phone, address) to:  

Cindy Costell  3518 Waverley   Palo Alto, CA  94306

Events - You may also want to bring a little black dress to the playa.  One of the BBand's favorite events is the conGLOMerate village's  Little Black Dress parade (aka the LBD)   The BBand also leads the Weird Underwear Brigade (another annual Glom event).  So bring your wildest undies too!  And new this year!... "Marchin' Martian".  The BBand will lead the alien life forms of the playa around the city.    The BBand also plays for other camp's/villages/individual's events... such as weddings and parties.  More info on these events will come as we get closer to Bman.  Our current on-playa schedule is:  Tuesday 4pm "Wierd Underwear"   Thursday 4pm "LBD"   Saturday 4pm "Marchin' Martians"

Practice makes Perfect (LOL) - We will probably hold a couple of pre-bman rehearsals in the Bay Area.  We have not yet set the dates/times for these.  If you live in the Bay Area, get on the email list and help us schedule the rehearsals.   Dates and times will be posted here once they are decided upon.

On-Playa Rehearsals - Each day on the playa, the BBand rehearses in mid-afternoon, then plays on the Esplanade for a while.  Bring your instrument and join us!

Signs and Banners -  We have a few signs and banners, but we sure could use some more!  Anyone interested in creating signs or banners should contact Sindy for more info:  flossyrabbit@earthlink.net    We need event-specific signs that say things like "LBD" or "Little Black Dress" or "Weird Underwear" or "Marchin Martians" or of course "Burning Band"

REGISTRATION: If ya wanna play, we need to know who ya are!  Below, where it says "Name" type in your full name, where it says "E-Mail" type in  your full email address, where it says "Street", type in your full mailing address with zip code, where it says "Phone" type in you phone number with area code, and where it says "Comment" tell us what instrument you play and any other info you think is important.  Then after all the fields are completed, hit "Send".  (Your info is kept in total confidence... we dont share your info with anyone)

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