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(updated 7/10/04)


more details of these events will be published soon

SKUNKWORKS II:   Work/Planning Meeting at Joey's ranch in Fallon, Nevada  - July 16-18      This will mainly be a huge work party.  We will be fixing up, redesigning, and decorating the Taxi.  We will be making improvments to the Tower.  We will be repainting and decorating the Bar.  We will be designing, building, and painting the new gASSo service station.  We may also build our new dancefloor.  And of course, we will be partying our asses off in the warm desert sun!  Tons of camping space available.   And to quote Mayor Joey, "It NEVER rains in Fallon!".  Contact person is Dr. Painjoy:  mtnsunrisejh@yahoo.com 

Other planning/work meetings:

Sign Making Party:   Don Syrek's house in Folsom, CA... Dates and Times TBA

SKUNKWORKS III:  Just before Bman (Thur. Aug 26 - Sun. Aug 29th)  All last minute Glom stuff will be worked on at this time.  DO NOT go to the playa before Sunday.  Go to Joey's!