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(updated 8/5/05 to add some gASSo photos. 

Here you will find funny jokes, cool links, and whatever else we see fit to print!

First of all, here is the link to the official Burningman website:  http://burningman.com/ 

Here's the link to SixDegreeBurn... a great Bman resource and all Glommers should register themselves and thier personal camps/attractions there:   http://www.sixdegreeburn.com/ 

And here's the link to "Piss Clear"... one of the playa's leading daily newspapers:   http://www.blue-period.com/pissclear/ 

And this is the link to "Liquid Generation"... I especially like the "Sabotage" section:   http://www.liquidgeneration.com/home.asp

You can visit the Salon du Butt Crack site and see the artistic process at:   http://www.salondubuttcrack.com     (by the way Russ and Sam... on page two of your site, there is a typo... you typed "mens" instead of "means"... Freudian slip?

The most annoying web site in the world can be accessed at:   http://www.mostannoyingwebpage.com/v1/

Check out Captain Jango's Glom plans/ideas at his website:   http://www.grindstonecowboy.com

Glom newbie Randy Holmes (Riz) has some interesting stuff on his website:   http://www.firewhip.com 

more to cum...