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(don’t skim thru this one!!!)

First off...

You should all give yourselves a big pat on the

back. We are going to the playa this year as the

most organized, motivated, biggest & best

Glom village ever! We have accomplished great

things this year and the burners who visit The

Glom are going to notice. The Glom is going to


2004"... no doubt!!! Great Job Everyone!!!August 2004

In this issue:











STUFF THE GLOM STILL NEEDS1- We need ALL Glommers to bring extra water

for the bar. We are mixing two different types of

alcoholic punch to serve to the citizens of BRC

and they are from powdered drink mix. Everyone

please bring 3 to 6 extra gallons of water for the

bar. This is manditory.

2- We still need 3 large drink coolers for the bar.

The type we need are the one’s they sell at Home

Depot. They hold 5 gallons of liquid. They are

orange. They are the type you see on construction

sites. If you have one of these, please respond to

this email (or phone Dr. Painjoy at 970-389-3708).

3- We could use a few more fire extinguishers.

The best type are the 18 lb ABC chemical ones.

4- Bar Stools! If you have a spare bar stool or

two, the anGLOMeda Galaxy Bar could sure use


5- Drivers and Drivers with trailers. We have a

massive amount of stuff to bring to the playa.

Most of it is at Mayor Joey’s ranch in Fallon. We

need people with trailers to come to Fallon and

grab what they can. Even if you have some space

on the roof of your car/van/truck for a roll of carpet,

that would be helpful too! Which reminds me...

Don Syrek has some great carpet in the Sacramento

area... he just cant get it to the playa. Are any Glommers

passing by Sacto with room for a few rolls of carpet?

6- Vintage Signs. Our gASSo gas station attraction has

shaped up very nicely... but it needs some finishing

touches... a better sense of realism. Some old vintage

tin signs would really do the trick. You know, those old

CocaCola, Bermashave, Frosty Root Beer, Indian Motorcycle,

Chesterfield Tabacco, etc. sings... If you have any (or come

across any for cheap (or free), bring em to the playa!

7- Grommets. We need to secure the shade-cloth walls of

gASSo to the ground with grommets. We have a grommet

kit and a couple dozen grommets, but we need more. If you

have any, let painjoy know.



We are nearly finished with our Glom attractions.... nearly.

There is still a bunch of last minute stuff to do however.

Mostly aesthetic. There is quite a bit of painting, lettering,

and tweeking left to do. We need people in Fallon prior to

Bman. Glommers can begin arriving in Fallon tommorrow

if ya wanna. Painjoy will be there on Thurs prior to Bman.

There will be other Glommers arriving in Fallon earlier

than that. Painjoy will leave for the playa early on Sat

morning with a handful of Glom mappers and the crane.

Other Glommers will depart for the playa on Sat afternoon

and Sun morning. Joey’s ranch in Fallon is an excellent

launching point for your Bman experience. You can do all

your food shopping there in town. And there is also a huge

WalMart for any last minute purchases. Plus, you can work

naked at the ranch!

ALSO... We need many people to commit to going to

Fallon after Bman. We need to unpack the trialers and

clean/store everything for next year. Please, please, please

make an effort to help out. Many hands make lite work!!!



Nobody from the Glom is allowed on the playa earlier

than the Saturday before Bman opens... Saturday, Painjoy

and a few others (if you have not yet been invited, you are

not one of the others) will be going to the playa to begin mapping

the village and setting up the tower and some other large

attractions. Saturday night and Sunday, other Glommers

can begin arriving on the playa.

If you plan on arriving Saturday night or Sunday, you need to

tell the people at the gate and greeters station that you are

a member of the conGLOMerate village, an esplanade theme

camp... and give them your name. The gate staff will give you

a map of the city. The Glom is located at 5:00 and Esplanade

and should be printed on the map.

If you are arriving Monday or later, there is nothing special

you need to do to get into Bman.

Upon arriving at the Glom, find the Camp Supervisor and you

will get your Glom Welcome Pak, with goodies and info.




Sam (Lizard) has been kind enough to create a village shower

for us Glommers this year. Thanks Sam! Sadly Morgan and

Mike (last year’s shower builders) can’t attend this year.

Morgan is stationed in Iraq currently and Mike can go for

personal reasons... sniff sniff.

The shower this year will be a bit less elaborate, but will still

be perfectly functional. And we will need to maintain the

shower. Clean up the area daily. Spray off grey water a

couple time per day. Please take it upon yourself to meet

Sam on the playa and volunteer to do some of this work.

He will show you how to operate the sprayer/filter.



There are many new Glommers this year. This makes the

Glom Power Hour that much more important. The purpose

of the Power Hour is threefold:

1- To enjoy Dr. Painjoy’s variety show

2- To meet your fellow Glommers and perhaps make new

life-long friends

3- To find out what’s going on in the Glom that day.

Please, please, please make it a point to be out of bed and

at the BASS by noon each day. Share your hangover with

us. Wear you Glom name badges. The Power Hour is


Plus, there are some fantastic bits, interviews and performances

scheduled for the variety show. You really don’t wanna miss it.




DJ Dougie (aka Big Daddy) will once again be bringing all his

phabulous DJ equipment to the Glom this year. He is building

a custom DJ booth also... no more crappy rental truck... yeah!

Same as last year, you can be a Glom DJ ifn you wanna. All

you need is some records (vinyl), headphones, and a needle.

I believe Rocky and Mike P. are bringing a few spare needles

and a set of headphones that you may borrow.

But bring your own records.

You should also be familiar with pro DJ equipment if you

plan on spinning.

The DJ music starts shortly after dark... 10pm ish...

And goes on til about 2am or later if the party is really rockin.

If you really need quiet in order to sleep, we suggest that

you camp in the back corners of the Glom. The music will be

pointed away from there.




If you have not yet signed up for shifts, first of all you’re a

slacker!!! Secondly, DO IT!

We still have many openings on Sat/Sun and we need more

Camp Supervisors (camp bitches).

We also need people to haul trash at the end of the event!

Please contact Amy to sign up at:


or phone her at:





_____ Dues are paid

_____ Signed up for Glom Shifts

_____ Bringing extra water for the bar (3-6 gallons)

_____ Sent pic to Lucky Bastard

_____ Read the "First Timer’s Guide" on the Bman website

_____ Read the Bman packing list (bman site)

_____ Read Russ’ suggested packing list (glom site)

_____ Going to Fallon before/after bman if possible


Thank you all,

See ya on the playa,

Glom Rocks,

You Rock!


P.S. This Sunday will probably be the last day I check

my emails.


Hi Glommers!

Dr. Painjoy here.

Sorry it’s been so long since the last Dust Devil.

Our move to California and setting up our new

tile biz has been all-consuming. Things are going

well though.

Bman is just around the corner. You should all be

finished (or nearly) with your projects, art, vehicles, etc.

Less than 2 months to Burningman!

Thats 7 weeks

Or 48 days

Or 1152 hours

Or 69,120 minutes

Or 4,147,200 seconds... give or take




> Arrival/Departure Dates

> Parking in The Glom

> Glom Name Badges

> Glom Dues

> Glom Shifts

> Early Arrivals on the Playa

> Skunkworks II

> Adult activities at Bman

> The Power Hour

> The Meteor Shower

> Water for the Bar




Please email Dr. Painjoy at mtnsunrisejh@yahoo.com

with your arrival and departure dates now. We need to

know this info. Also note the section of this Dust Devil

regarding early arrivals.



The rule for parking your vehicle in the Glom will be the

same as last year. Arrive, set up your camp, then park your

vehicle a few blocks away in "Glom Parking" for the duration

of Bman. The only exceptions to this rule are:

1- If you are sleeping in your vehicle (i.e. an RV)

2- If you vehicle is an integral part of your art

3- If you absolutely need your vehicle in camp. If this is

the case, please justify this to Dr. P

There simply is not enough room in the village for all of

our vehicles. And less vehicles make a nicer looking camp




Keith Phillips (aka Lucky Bastard) has once again volunteered

to make name badges for all us Glommers... Thanks Lucky!!!

Here’s what we need to do (and fast!):

> Send Keith an email stating that you want a name badge

> Include in the email your real name and your "playa name"

(or whatever name you want to appear on the badge)

> Include in the email a digital picture of yourself

(the bigger the pic the better... Keith will resize it)

> Do this in the next week!!!!! (or even better, NOW)

If you don’t send Keith your email, names, and picture by

July 16th... you get NO NAME BADGE.

Here’s Keith’s email addy:




Enough is enough already you slackers! We still have around

30 people who have not paid their Glom Dues. Here’s the deal

folks... PAY UP OR CAMP ELSEWHERE. The only exception

to this rule is a true financial hardship... and for that you MUST

contact Dr. Painjoy (Jim Hillas) or the GOOF (Glom Organizer

Of Funds) Russ Gamble. If you don’t pay your dues AND don’t

contact Jim or Russ... yer outa here! We need funds now. Paying

on the playa (or just before Bman) does us no good. We have to

buy things for our infrastructure now. For an explanation of dues,

refer to the Glom website:





Now that we have our events and attractions selected and <nearly>

completed, we need everyone to sign up for shifts. This is a requirement

for camping in the Glom. We all pitch in. We all do our part. We

share the load. If you have not signed up for shifts yet, please go to

the website and sign up. Most of the shifts are very fun and social.

The descriptions of the types of jobs available are on the Glom website

as is the current listing of which shifts are available. Please do this

right away... we don’t want to have to phone you.




Here’s the scoop on early arrivals.

There will be a final prep party at Mayor Joey’s in Fallon just prior

to Bman... Thurs, August 26th thru Sunday, August 29th. Please

attend if you can as we will have many last minute things to do.

On Saturday, August 28th, Painjoy, Gretcheepoo, Krakah, and a

select few others will be going to the playa to physically map out the village and

begin setting up the village.



BMAN GATE. Please DO come to Joey’s if you wanna start working

and partying prior to Sunday.

Glommers can begin arriving on Sunday, August 29th to help

in the construction of the village....


If you are planning on arriving arriving on Sunday (an please do so if you

can... we need many hands to set up the village) you need to let Dr. Painjoy

know so he can put you on the Bman early arrivals list. This list is

given to the front gate staff. If you are not on the list, you don’t get in

until Monday morning at 12:01 am.




Next weekend (July 16-18) there is another Skunkworks work party at

Mayor Joey’s house in Fallon, Nevada. We will be completing the

gASSo gas station, working on the taxi, and other projects.

If you can attend, please do. We need workers.

If people don’t show up, we may have to bail on the taxi!

The rules of camping, partying, eating, etc. from the last Skunkworks

apply to this one as well.

Contact Dr. Painjoy if you will be attending Skunkworks II


Recently there was a big ta-do about "adult activities" at Bman.

This was sparked by the Bman Org. putting out an email stating

that Burningman is a "family event" and we need to hide anything

"adult related" and post a guard at the door. This announcement

caused quite a stir, and the long and short of it all is that the

announcement was poorly worded and is really nothing to worry

about. The new "adult activity" rules do not apply to the activities

in the Glom (unless any of us get really carried away on the bondage

wall) and we are going on with our plans as usual.

If you have not read the announcement and the re-announcement,

and you are curious... send an email to Dr. Painjoy and he will

forward these announcements to you.




The planning for the Glom Power Hour is coming along very

well. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, here’s what the Power

Hour is...

At noon each day, Glommers (and, well, anyone else that we drag off the

esplanade, or happens to show up) meet under the BASS (big ass shade

structure) and hang out, have coffee, cocktails, chat, get to know one

another, AND, during this hour, Dr. Painjoy will also be hosting a

variety show. The Power Hour variety show will have interviews,

trivia, games, music, comedy, travel agency reports, news, etc.

Please wear you name badges during the Power Hour!

Here’s a sample format of the show:

Power Hour - Tuesday

> Intro

> Bman News

> Commercial (phoney, humorous)

> "This One Time at Bman" (game show)

> Interview (Dragon - Greeter Leader)

> Commercial (phoney, humorous)

> Performance (Bernie’s Puppet Show)

> Glom Travel Agency Report (Where to go, what to do at Bman)

> Playa Tips of the Day (Vinegar foot baths, Rebar safety)

> Commercial (phoney, humorous)

> Glom Events for Tuesday (Weird Underwear, Hello Camp, etc)

> Trivia

> Closing followed by Chillin’ under the BASS




Sadly, Mike Katz cannot make it to the playa this year... sniff,

sniff... but Sam Burkhouse (aka Lizard) will be heading up the

Glom shower project (The Meteor Shower) in his stead.

Having a village shower at Bman is great! A luxury! It kicks ass!


This WILL NOT happen unless Sam get’s some help from other

Glommers. We need to buy/haul wood to the playa, build the

structure, maintain the shower, spray out grey water daily, and

destruct the shower after the event. We need volunteer Glommers

to help Sam... contact Sam at:





The Glom Bar will be serving cheap-ass mixed drinks this year.

The base for these drinks will be powdered drink mixes. This

means that the bar will need a lot of water this year. We are asking

ALL Glommers to bring a minimum of 5 gallons of water to donate

to the bar. Two of those 2 ½ gallon containers from the supermarket

will do fine... more would be better. Thank you!


That’s it for now Glommers!

Next Dust Devil coming soon.




In this issue:









We found Burningman in our own ways.

Curiosity, chance, word of mouth, the internet.

And we found each other... Perhaps by fate.

TicTocTown, Firefly Village, The Glom.

Evolution. Friends. The ones we choose.

Our community. A conglomerate.

Different people, geography, lives, sizes and shapes.

Ah yes! All the different shapes!

Drawn together under the desert

sun once per year... to share... and give.

Creations, laughter, love, lives.

And share with the like minded people that

visit our village... and give to them as well.

And we all share the insight that...

"The mind and heart are not vessels to be filled...

They are FIRES to be lighted."

(appropriately, the last line is a deviation of what

Commander Dave Scott of Apollo 15 said from

the surface of the moon in 1971... quoting Plutark)

A little over 100 days til we’re on playa-time

boyz and gurlz... let’s get to work.



We are down to the "brass tacks" now.

If you are creating, building or organizing,

you should be well on your way by now.

The time to procrastinate is over.

We, pretty much, know our numbers,

our camps, art, and attractions, we know our

events... WE decided on these things.

Now we need to:

>Finish paying for it all

>Create it all

>Commit to staffing it all

It’s that simple.

Russ is going to be on our asses about dues.

Red is going to be on our asses about attractions.

Amy is going to be on our asses about shifts.

Make their lives a little easier...

Contact them, pay your dues, sign up for shifts!

Don’t drop the ball.

This is the official Glom "call to arms".

In my opinion, we are, by far, the best camp at

Bman which receives no financial subsidy from

the Bman Org. Let’s have our best year yet!!!



DJ Dougie - LA, CA (Glom DJ)

Darren Classen - Jacksonville, FL (PlayaQ)

Lee Miller - Arcata, CA (BurningBand)

Rob Carpenter - Berkley, CA (BurningBand)

Alex Pelaez - Chatsworth, CA

Craig & Barbara Rissman - Sacto, CA

Evan Rotman - Berkley, CA (PlayaQ)

Ken Nelson - Lyon, MI (BurningBand)

Natalie Pelc - SF, CA (Bar)

Dan Bradley - SF, CA (Bar)

Ari Rothbaum - San Diego, CA (PlayaQ)

Patrick Chan - San Diego, CA (PlayaQ)

Kim Gluch - Boise, ID (Red Light Quadrant)

Tom Eskridge (DB) - Molalla, OR (DB’s Massage)

William McCumber - Lehigh Acres, FL

Peggy & Tim Clouse - Ft. Collins, CO

Steve Berg - SF, CA

Welcome to (or back to) The Glom!


THE SKUNKWORKS (Fallon work party)

Joey’s ranch in Fallon is going to be "the place

to be" this Memorial Day Weekend! The number

of Glommers attending is at almost 30 and growing!

With this in mind, it may be a good idea to bring

some camp stoves and cookware. Joey’s kitchen

may not be able to accommodate all the cooking

needs. We will set up a kitchen somewhere on

the property to avoid this problem. We all spend

a week camping at Bman, so this should be a piece

of cake for us.

Once again, here are some of the things we are

going to accomplish at the Skunkworks:

* Turning the Taxi into a working Tour Bus
* Creating lighting and signs for our attractions
* Creating a "gASSo station" facade
* Upgrading and painting the Bar
* Creating the perfect punch recipe for the bar
* Upgrading the bondage wall (and playing on it!)
* Upgrading the tower

When you arrive, you will be assigned to a team

that best suits your talents;

Carpentry, Mechanic, Paint, Decor, Cooking, etc.

Bring camping gear, drinking water, money for

food and booze, tools if you got em, wild costumes,

party favors, even your art car if you got one...

and you wanna.

Directions to Joeys are best acquired thru MapQuest:
Just type in your address as the starting point and
2800 Lucas Rd. Fallon, NV as your ending point.
(Don’t use Yahoo Maps... the directions suck)
Also keep Dr. Painjoy and Mayor Joey’s phone numbers
with you while you travel:
Jim Hillas (Painjoy) (970) 389-3708
Joey Pettegrew (house phone) (775) 423-1263
Joey’s cell (650) 279-5243


Sadly, Capt. Jango has scrubbed his plans for the

GLauMch (rocket launches at the Glom). The

financial burden is too much for one man. And

Jango is going to spend a few months walking the

earth (ala Kane in Kung Fu) after selling his belongings.

We all wish you luck and enlightenment Grasshopper.

This, however doesn’t mean that the Glom can’t

still have rocket launches. But, if we want to

revive the project, it will take a consorted effort

by all of us. We will need a new leader of the

project, we will all need to kick in about $30,

and we will all need to give the new leader our


I put this up to a vote... if we get 60 votes for

reviving the GLauMch, we will do it. And

remember, the rocket launches will greatly increase

our odds of getting Esplanade frontage.



The latest (more readable) version of the Glom

map is now posted on the website. The layout is

not written in stone. We can still move things

around a bit if we need to. The map is based on

the Glom getting a 200 ft by 250 ft plot of real

estate on the Esplanade... But, remember, we are

not guaranteed anything... we wont know our

size or Bman address until late July.

Where you camp in the Glom will have a lot to

do with when you show up. The most logical

way to place Glommers in the village is to fill

up the camp from the far side to the road side

as they show up. Exceptions MIGHT be made

if you need to camp by your camp/art or if you

absolutely insist that you need to camp with

some specific friends, for a good reason.

Being placed next to Glommers that you don’t

know so well is a great way to get to know them!

They could become best friends for life. Or you

may wind up killing them.

If you have specific real estate needs, email Painjoy,

but keep this in mind... if you haven’t paid your

dues yet, and signed up for Glom shifts... expect

some serious laughter.



The Bman Org’s theme for 2004 is "The Vault of

Heaven". This was announced in December. At

first, I interpreted this as a general "space" theme.

But, as we found out a few weeks ago, the theme

is much more specific than that. They are concentrating

on astro-physics and astronomy.

We began our theme related planning in Dec/Jan and

based much of our attractions on things like; the space

race, space sci-fi, etc. It kinda sucks that the Borg

didn’t clarify the theme parameters until late April, but,

all is not lost. Most of us do want an Esplanade village,

and most of us are still excited about the theme, so...

We need to tweek our attractions and our ideas a bit.

We may need to re-name the bar. The current name

is "The Sandworm Spice Bar", based on the sci-fi

movie "Dune". This doesn’t quite fit any more.

Perhaps something like "The Milky Way Bar" or

"The Black Hole" would be more along an

astronomy/physics theme. We are

open to suggestions.

gASSo could use a little cosmic twist... just calling

it an "inter-galactic" service station may not cut it.

Trolltown cant really change, can it?

Salon du Butt Crack... can we paint constellations,

nebulas, supernovas, on people’s butts?

Taboo Tattoo... any ideas?



As mentioned above... the time is NOW.

If you haven’t paid your Glom dues, do it.

If you haven’t signed up for Glom shifts, do it.

If you are not actively participating in planning,

building, organizing, and/or creating...

Get off yer lazy butt and lend a hand!

Dues and work shifts were created last year,

and for one very good reason... In past years

too few people were doing too much work...

And too few people were bearing too much

of the financial responsibility. Dues and shifts

were created to help level the playing field.

If we all do our share, we can accomplish great

things! And nobody will be overwhelmed. When

you don’t pay your dues and sign up for shifts,

you make more work and more cost for the rest

of us... and you’re a bad Glommer... Bad! Bad!

(Snarl, growl, gnashing teeth... did I scare ya?!?!)

The phone calls to the slackers will begin this

week! And my schedule is tight as it is. Please

don’t make me phone you to remind you. Drop me

an email and let me know that you have (or are

going to) take care of your dues.

The work party in Fallon is going to require money.

That money needs to be sent no later than May 15thif we are going to be able to work on our village

infrastructure/projects over Memorial Day Weekend.

All info about how to send in dues and sign up for

shifts is explained on the website:


Dues are $100.00 minimum

Glom work shifts are 12 hrs minimum

I know how hectic life can be.

I know how easy it is to forget, or put things off.

But now is the time.

BIG thanks to those who have already paid

and signed up. And thanks in advance to all of

you who are taking care of this today!



"Your heart may belong to the Man,

But your ASS belongs to The GLOM!"

Dr. Painjoy

(970) 389-3708




Dust Devil - April 2004

In this issue:

> Glom Overview

> Welcome New Glommers

> Listings on the Bman Website

> The Rocket’s Red Glare

> Glom Events in 2004

> Fallon Weekend (The Skunkworks)

> Glom Shifts and Dues

> Glom Map for 2004

> Painjoy & Co. need work in Cali



Only about 4 and a half months til Bman!

That’s 18 weeks or

3024 hours or

181440 minutes or

10886400 seconds...

Give or take!


Dr. Painjoy is typing this newsletter while slightly

buzzed. Please excuse any arrogant tone, wishy-

washy prose, sluttiness, extemporaneous rambling or tpyos.


We are roughly at our minimum safe number!

Which is the minimum we need to financially and laborly (is that

a word?) carry out our plans for the Glom ‘04.


That means we all pay full dues and we all put in 12 hours

of shifts. (Keep in mind that we do make a few rare exceptions

for a few Glommers)


We have not REALLY made our minimum yet.

Our COMFORT level is roughly 100 Glommers.


We are extending the sign-up date, one last time, to May 15th...

And that’s it... done, over, finished, no more, finito...

OK maybe I’ll let in a few Playboy Bunnies after that date, but

nobody else!

But on a more serious note...

Our art, camps, attractions and stuff need to be in high

gear now. Really.

We know what we want to be, we know what we are,

we know our resources, we know our power. Time to

do it!!!

If you are creating a camp, art or attraction, you need to

get movin’.

The Skunkworks weekend (Fallon) is only about 5 weeks

away, and Bman is only 3 months after that!

Randy Red is gunna be on yer asses soon! Don’t make her

get on you... she is a cruel taskmaster... and she’s studying

to be a dominatrix (as if that’s a threat!)

The Glom is gunna kick ass in ways not measurable this

year. Do your part. Pay your dues. Sign up for shifts.

The Glom is NOT a KOA. We are a Bman village that

burners LOVE to participate with! Let’s WOW them like

we never have before.

Also, if you are not on the Glom chat list... get on it!

We need your ideas, your help, your advice, your resources,

your sister (did I say that out loud?!?!?)

Get on the list by sending a blank email to:


Also, note, we MAY be switching our email list from Topica.

Topica has allowed advertising. Kind of a drag (to quote

the Buckinghams). We will keep you posted if we switch.

And finally, I hate to sound condescending, but...

I am SO proud of The Glom this year!

We are really pulling together like I have never seen before!

We are really starting to understand what it takes to put on

an Esplanade-worthy show at Bman. And we are spreading

the burden pretty equally... working like a true community.

Way to go Glom!!!



Growth, Evolution, Fresh Meat!

JSG Boggs - Miami, FL (playaQ)

Julie Carlson - Menlo Park, CA (GlamMch)

Bryan Rice - Miami, FL (playaQ)

Kris Young - Cottage Grove, OR (Sandworm Spice Bar)

and more to cum soon!

Welcome to the phambly folks!



The Glom is now officially listed on the Bman website

as a village on the playa in 2004. Go check it out at:


If you have art, a camp, or an attraction... Please go to

the Bman site and register. You created this for the citizens

of BRC... let them know about it! The registration form is



Sign up as a new user (on the left). And be sure to mention

in your description, that your gig is located within the Glom.

If you have any questions, email Dr. Painjoy at:





It looks like "GLauMch" is going to be a reality this year!

Captain Jango (Matthew Spellman) has been toying with

the idea of having rocket launches on the playa for some

time now. And not the tiny toy rockets that you and Dad

played with when you were 10... oh no... we’re talkin’ bout’

the type of model rockets that make everyone within a few

miles say, "what the phuck was that!"... the type of rockets

that require licensing... THE TYPE OF ROCKETS THAT




I know what you’re thinking... "Is this gunna be safe???"

Who care’s, it’s Burningman!

Just kiddin’

Captain Jango cares. And he is taking all the right steps to

make sure that none of us wind up in the medical tent

complaining about the large projectile lodged in our rectum.

For further info on the rockets, the plans, safety, etc....

Or if ya just wanna be blown away by the size of these

things... Go to Jango’s website and check it out:


And also, the Glom Launch (GLamMch) project is being

funded by Capt. Jango, but it is very costly! If you have a

few spare bucks, I’m sure Matt wouldn’t mind if ya helped

him out a bit!




Here is the official listing... if you need to add something...

lemme know now!

GlauMch (rocket launches) Dates and time TBD

Bman Greeting - Date and time TBD

The Glom Power Hour - Monday-Friday noon(ish)

The Space Race (4:20 Km Fun Run) - Tuesday 9am

The Weird Underwear Brigade - Tuesday 4pm

Bound to Burn (Fire Bondage) - Tuesday midnight

Space Race Trivia - Wednesday 3pm

The LBD - Thursday 4pm

Bound to Burn (Fire Bondage) - Friday midnight

Marchin Martians (Alien Parade) - Saturday 4pm


If you have thoughts, ideas, etc. for these events.

Speak up dammit! And by the way, I do...

During the Glom Power Hour, I plan on hosting a

segment that I am stealing from NPR. On Saturdays

they have a program called "Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me"

during which they do a bit where a contestant is

asked to pick the TRUE news-bit from four possible

recent, obscure news items (only one of which is really true)...

Well, I am going to bastardize their bit into a segment

of the Power Hour I have dubbed...

"This One Time... At Burningman..."

We will have four Glommers on the stage, and we will

drag one unsuspecting passer-by off of the Esplanade.

The four Glommers will then give the contestant, in turn,

a tale from the playa (again, only one of which will be

true) and they will have to guess which is the true story.

If they guess which story is true, they get a little prize...

If not, we grab another contestant from the Esplanade.

Now, here’s where I need your help...

I need some good, fake stories...

And a few true ones too...

During our trip to Cali, Gretchen, Red, Blu, and myself

came up with about 8 fakes and a few trues stories. We

need more! Email your ideas to Painjoy at:



THE SKUNKWORKS (Fallon Weekend)

It’s fast approaching...

May 28th-31st

This work/party weekend is both fun and important!

We have about two dozen Glommers going, but we

sure could use more.

Here’s the list of who’s going so far:

(lemme know if I made any mistakes)

Randy PB & Leslie PB

Rocky M. & Leah K.

Stephanie M. & Mike P

Jim H. & Gretchen W.

Travis L.

Mike J. & Vicki J.

Richard B.

Don S.

Matthew S. & Julie C.

Rick W.

Deb R.

Keith P.

Paul B.

Maureen B.

Sindy C.

Calan J.

David L.

Jeff M.

Frank W. & Kat W.

Dan R. & Andy W.

We need to start forming "work groups" to accomplish

the following:

Carpentry (gASSo, bar, etc.)

Mechanical (tower, taxi, etc.)

Painting & Decorating (gASSo, bar, etc)

Electrical (Lighting, Signs, Sounds)

Cooking meals

Refer to the previous Dust Devil (on the website)

for details about camping, food, directions, etc.




It may seem like Bman is still far off, but it ain’t...

Now is the time.

Send in your dues.

Sign up for shifts.

Burningman is (amongst other things) the greatest

party on earth! And because we are an Esplanade

village (and you are a member) we are one of the big

"party throwers". That means we put on a show... and

a great one at that! We all know that this takes money and



We need funds for the Fallon weekend. We are going

to be working on some important things there that require

buying supplies... the Tour Bus, gASSo, the power grid,

the bar, the BASS, etc. It takes about 12 days to process

PayPal funds, so that means we need Glommers to send in

their dues by May 15th if we are going to have sufficient funds

to work on our stuff in Fallon.

Please don’t procrastinate.




We have a first draft of our village map. It will be on the

Glom website in a week or so. Go check it out at:


We are open to ideas, critique, and criticisms...

But don’t go nutz! This is only a first draft, it doesn’t

really list where anyone must camp.

Also, keep in mind, we don’t know what our playa

address is yet. We don’t even know for sure if we

will be granted Esplanade frontage. We will get this

info from the Bman Org. In July.




It’s now official. Gretcheepoo, Painjoy, and Krakah

(Jeff Martinelli) are moving to the Sacramento area!

Much thanks to Red & Blu, Don Syrek, Russ & Sam,

Kat & Frank, and everyone else that helped us on our

"recon" mission a couple of weeks ago!

And it was great to see so many of the Bay area folks

as well!

But... we gotta say... you Cali folks sure do have a lot of

rules for contractors!!!

As it turns out, I need to get a license to lay tile in Cali...

Fair enough...

But the waiting list to take the tests for the license is currently

extending into August!!!

This means that we can only contract jobs for under $500 OR

we need to have homeowners register as owner/builders and

hire us as employees.... if we follow the letter of the law.

If you Glommers need any tile work (or other home improvements),

or if you have friends/family that do... please let us know.

Getting work will be a struggle for us at first! Our official

arrival date, in Sacto, will be June 2nd.

Dust Devil  March 30th, 2004

In this issue:

> Glom Overview

> Planning Positions are All Filled

> Welcome New Glommers

> Fallon Weekend (The Skunkworks)

> Glom Shifts

> Dues

> Burning Band

> Painjoy & Gretcheepoo Moving



Things are clickin’ along just fine! The Glom is

going to be "the place to be" this year. Bman is still

5 months away (that’s 21 weeks, or 147 days, or

3528 hours, or 211680 minutes, or 12700800 seconds...

Give or take) but I can already see us all there!

The Glom is currently about 65 members strong...

And I know of at least 10 that haven’t yet signed up,

but are definitely going to. That means we still have

room for about 25 friends. If you are inclined to invite

a friend (you know, that cool one you have always

wanted to invite), feel free!

And those of you who are working on camps, art,

mutant vehicles, etc... remember, don’t put it off. Bman

will be here before you know it! And keep Randanna

informed... that way she wont have to harass yer ass!



We now have a full staff! Big thanks to all of you

for volunteering your time for all of us!!!!!!!!

Here is the list of The Glom 04 Planning Staff:

Amy Duffy - GOOSE

(Glom Organizer Of Shifts Executive)


Randy Holmes (Riz) - GOPUSSI

(Glom Official Pyrotechnic Uniform Safety

Specialist & Instructor)


Russ Gamble (Hippo) - GOOF

(Glom Organizer Of Funds)


Travis LeBaron (Smooth) - GRAPE

(Glom Research And Planning Executive)


Rocky Mullin - LATEX

(Lighting And Tech Effects Xpert)


Joey Pettegrew (Mayor) - GIMP

(Glom Insane Mad Psychoscientist)


Randy Pritchett-Behymer (Red) - GAL

(Glom Attractions Liaison)


Alex Steneck (SossBoss) - GECO

(Glom Events Coordinator & Organizer)




Brian Labrecque - Seattle, WA

Dale Parshall - San Diego, CA

Gregg Potter - San Diego, CA

Diane (Carmen) & Barry Goyette - San Mateo, CA

Jude Roshi - San Diego, CA

Eti Domb - San Diego, CA

Erik Katz - San Ramon, CA

Vincent Estacio - San Jose, CA

Steve Luce - Oakland, CA

Angela Sanders - Oakland, CA

(all previous Glommers or friends of Glommers)

Welcome to The Phambly!!!

FALLON WEEKEND (The Skunkworks) 

Mayor Joey’s ranch in Fallon, NV has been officially

renamed "The Skunkworks" after the top secret stealth

facility of Lockheed Martin in the 50s/60s.

And the "Skunkworks" weekend is fast approaching.

Things we will be trying to accomplish over Memorial

Day weekend (aside from getting trashed and naked):

* Turning the Taxi into a working Tour Bus

* Creating lighting and signs for our attractions

* Creating a "gASSo station" facade

* Upgrading and painting the Sandworm Spice Bar

* Creating the perfect punch recipe for the bar

* Upgrading the bondage wall (and playing on it!)

* Upgrading the tower

Details of the weekend:

* The Skunkworks is dog friendly... and there are dogs.

* The Skunkworks is naked friendly and wild costume


* There is limited sleeping space in the house, so

plan on camping. It will be desert climate camping, like Bman.

* There is plenty of camping space for tents and R.V.s

* There are all kinds of stores within a few miles

* Bring your own drinking water (Fallon water is a bit

high on the arsenic level... but fine for showering)

* We will deal with food on a day to day basis as a group.

Joey has a decent sized kitchen, and we will cook as a group,

but you may want to bring an emergency meal or two just

in case. We may also go out for a meal or two, order pizza,

that sorta thing. (If ya wanna do your own thing with food,

that’s cool too)

* We will probably have nightly bonfires... bring a chair.

* Joey has showers and toilets, but we pee outside when

we can to relieve stress on his septic system.

* Bring booze (and whatever else)

* We will work

Directions to Joeys are best acquired thru MapQuest:


Just type in your address as the starting point and

2800 Lucas Rd. Fallon, NV as your ending point.

(Don’t use Yahoo Maps... the directions suck)

Also keep Dr. Painjoy and Mayor Joey’s phone numbers

with you while you travel:

Jim Hillas (Painjoy) (970) 389-3708

Joey Pettegrew (house phone) (775) 423-1263

Joey’s cell (650) 279-5243


Glom Shifts are the jobs we need to do while we are

at Bman. We are party-throwers! Ergo, there is much

that needs to be done. But don’t worry, most of the

shifts are a ton of fun! And many hands make little work!

The Glom website is now ready for Glom Shift sign-ups!

Read the Job Description page, then go to the Glom Shifts

page and sign your ass up for at least 12 hrs of fun!

Shifts are given on a first come, first served basis, so sign

up now. Most of your questions are answered on the website:



Glom dues are what pay for our villages infrastructure, our

gift-booze for the bar, our power, and so on. And dues are

being collected now... and our GOOF (Glom Organizer Of

Funds), Russ Gamble, says we have over $1200.00 so far...

Way to go Glom! You can mail a check (preferred method)

or you can send your dues via PayPal on the website. If you

use PayPal, the funds can be deducted directly from your bank

account, or you can charge it to a credit/debit card. You can

pay all at once ($100 minimum) or in increments if that better

suits your budget.

And remember, it is The Glom’s policy to never turn away a

good Glommer because they are broke. If you have a true

financial hardship, just contact Dr. Painjoy and he will work

it out with you... and it’s confidential. Dr. Painjoy can be

emailed at: mtnsunrisejh@yahoo.com


After our blurb in JRS, the Burning Band has exploded!

There were scores of responses! It seems that 2004 will

see the best Burning Band parades EVER! And I have to

take a moment to thank SINdy Costell for organizing all

these new recruits! She is doing a fantastic job! Way to

go girl! As it stands now, there are about 40 new guest

performers, with a great variety of instruments. The

Burning Band is going to ROCK the playa this year! The

new guests are also going to be sending shirts to SINdy

and she and her minions are going to make the shirts into

uniforms. I think we should thank her by making a couple

of new Band signs while we are in Fallon! Whadaya say?!?!?


Yup. If you haven’t heard, we are joining the ranks of the

Californians. We are moving to the Sacto area. And we

will probably be doing so after Memorial Day... that’s

right... immediately after the Fallon weekend. We will be at

Joey’s as gypsies! There, with everything we own in the

back of a huge moving truck. Any donations of helping

hands for our move-in will not be turned away.

We are taking a trip out to Cali next week to begin our hunt

for a home and work. We will be in Reno April 3/4 and in

Cali from April 5-10... or at least that’s the plan. If ya wanna

play one night, call our cell phone(s):

Jim (970) 389-3708

Gretchen (970) 389-4350

Dust Devil - February 2004

6 Months til we’re on the playa!

or 25 weeks

or 191 Days

or 4584 Hours

or 275,040 Minutes

or 16,502,400 Seconds...

give or take!

As we approach the Bman Equinox (same

number of days before Bman as after) I

have to say that there has never been sooooo

much excitement and enthusiasm this early

in the year! And so much fresh meat! Yumm!

We currently have over 40 people OFFICIALLY

signed up as Glommers for 2004 and I know of

at least 20 definite Glommers that just haven’t,

for one reason or another, signed up yet.

Get to the website and sign up you 20 hooligans!

Glom max-capacity is about 100 and the cut-off

date for sign up is April 1st.



> New Glommers

> Website and email list

> The LATEX team

> Fallon work PARTY

> Fire (GOPUSSI)

> Dues & Budget



The Glom would like to welcome some fresh meat

to the village! And don’t worry, we have checked

them all out thru our careful screening process and

they are all weird, perverted, and demented... just like

the rest of us!

From Florida: Sondra and Chuck Leeds, Randy Holmes

and Donna Hynes

From California: Eric Easton, Richard Hines, and Rick


From N. Carolina: Peter Somers

Welcome to The Glom folks... make us proud!

And to the rest of us... we always want fresh meat!

The Glom could use some more enthusiastic, worker-

bees. Invite a newbie! More hands mean less work...

And lower dues.


In case you have been in a drug induced coma for the

past month... The Glom has a new website! The web

address is: http://s95033306.onlinehome.us/

This site, combined with the Dust Devil newsletter and

our planning via "The Glom List", constitute the bulk

of our planning venues and reference to those plans.

It is important that ALL Glommers visit the website,

share ideas on the email list, and don’t crumble up

their dust devils and carelessly throw them in the

waste paper basket (ok, that last one didn’t make sense...

it’s an internet newsletter... but you know what I


The website is updated constantly... new info that

is important. New attractions, ideas, voting, things

added/subtracted from our "wish list", new photos

of your fellow Glommers, listing of new members,

event listings, planning meeting info updates, info

about jobs/dues/shifts... Check the site often! It

belongs to YOU!

One page on the website is not being used well.

I want to know if there would be a better use for

this page. The page is titled "Glom Biz Network".

It was designed to help promote Glommer’s personal

businesses, but alas, nobody but Painjoy has listed

their biz info there. What else can we do with this

page? What would you like to see there? We will

have a map page this summer (the sign up page will

become the map page) so we don’t need to put that


And regarding the Glom List (theglom@topica.com),

we only have about half of the Glommers signed up

on this list. We need ALL Glommers to be on the

list. This is where most of our planning takes place.

If you are not on the list, you won’t know what’s

going on in The Glom. I can’t emphasize this enough.

Last year, I spent countless hours filling in Glommers

on important info by phone because they didn’t sign up

on the Glom List.

If you are friends with a Glommer that isn’t signed up,

please encourage them to do so. Let them know how

important it is. We are doing our best to keep the

emails on topic. It only takes a few minutes a day to

stay informed and voice their opinions and ideas.

They can sign up by sending a blank email to:




Not only is latex a brilliant fashion statement, it is

also a phabulous gang of tech-guyz in The Glom!

Lead by the fearless Rocky Mullin, the LATEX team

has volunteered to help The Glom with it’s lighting

and special effects in the Glom this year... LATEX

stands for Lighting And Tech Effects Xperts. The

members of the LATEX team are: Billy Sharpstick,

Peter Somers, Don Syrek, Frank Walker, and Adam


Their main job will be to create lighting and visual

effects for the Glom and it’s attractions and to make

sure our power grid runs smoothly.

Lighting and effects are a key element to having a

cool village at Bman. In the past, our lighting has left

quite a bit to be desired. Hopefully that will all end

this year! If your attraction needs better lighting, or

you have questions on this subject, Rocky and the boyz

are there to help you. And it should be noted that Adam

(grillmaster kinski) and Rocky are pros! (no, not male

prostitutes... pro lighting and effects guyz)

Thanks guys!



Each year, at Mayor Joey’s ranch in Fallon, NV, we

have a weekend for Glommers to plan/create/build and

party our asses off. Last year was mostly a planning

weekend in March, but this year we have all

those ducks in a row already. The Fallon weekend is

going to be in May this year. This will afford warmer

weather for working (and playing) outdoors. We were

originally shooting for May 21-24 but Joey has obligations

that weekend he can’t get out of. So.... How does everyone

feel about Memorial Day weekend, May 28-31? It is a

three day weekend anyhow! Please respond and let us know

if you can attend.

Here are some of the things we need to accomplish at

the Fallon work party:

* Create drinks for the Bar

* Fix up, design, and decorate the Taxi/Tour Bus

* Start building gASSo

* Fix up and paint the Bar

* Upgrade the bondage wall (and practice!)

* Create gASSo uniforms

* Party

* Party

* Oh, and Party



We are still looking for a volunteer to fill the position

of GOPUSSI for The Glom. (Glom Official Pyrotechnic

and Uniform Safety Specialist and Instructor)

We need more fire-art in the Glom this year. And we

need a person to help this along. This person will

also act as Fire Marshall in the Glom and make sure

we are in compliance with the Bman rules of fire

safety. If you are interested, contact Dr. Painjoy at




The planning committee has cranked out a

preliminary budget for The Glom 2004.

We are at the early stages

of budgeting right now, and listed below is

a preliminary budget... nobody go NUTZ!

The purpose of this is to go over

these ideas and have constructive conversation

about the budget. Let us also say that each and

every one of us is going to have some difference

of opinion on these money issues, and each and

every one of us is going to have something in

the budget that we are not happy about...

Resign yourself to this fate now. When it comes

to budgets, things always get a little sticky. We will

get thru this. We want to hear opinions

on our expenditures. We want to hear

suggestions. We want to know if things have been

forgotten. We want your input.

That being said, the budget below is based on

our past three years on the playa and those

past years budgets (mostly last year). And it

is also based on our new ideas and improvements

on some of our existing ideas.


Dust Devil - January 04


* Welcome to 2004

* Overview of the Glom

* New Glom Website

* Registration

* The Bar

* Fallon Meeting

* Camps, Art, and Attractions

* Dues and Budget



Hey there all you pyros, phreaks, and pervs...

Dr. Painjoy here bringing you our first Dust

Devil for 2004!!!

I don’t know about y’all, but I thought last year

was great! (aside from me and G getting sick and

me losing my voice!) And I hope you are all

looking forward to another great Glom and

great burn!

I have volunteered to be the Glom leader

again in 2004 unless there are any major objections.

None... good.


At this point we are going to plan on a similar

geographical structure to the Glom and all it’s

entities. We will once again shoot for a large

esplanade village (The conGLOMerate) and have

an annex a few blocks back from the esplanade

(this year it will be called the SINdicate). Adjacent

to the SINdicate will be the Glom parking area

(called SINco Parking Systems). And Naked (Pat

Morrison may still be leading the Cartel (TBA).

We received much praise from the Bman Org. for

our efforts last year. I just received an email from

our village liaison, Holly Kreuter. She is quoted as

saying, "I did think that your village was very

successful in 2003. You filled the esplanade with

activities and structures and it looked GREAT.

Talking to your members, it seemed that you had

a fantastic and very creative year".

LET’S HEAR IT FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this is going to help ensure that we get

esplanade frontage again this year. One other

thing that may help is if we try to plan some of

our events, attractions, art and camps around

this year’s theme... "The Vault of Heaven"




It’s true... we now have a REAL website!

Joel turned me on to a free (for 3 years)

website hosting company (called 1&1) and

I spent the last week getting it up and going.

It is still under construction, but there is a

good deal of content there already. The link

is below. Please click the link, then when

the intro page comes up, immediately save

the site as a "Favorite" and name it "Glom

Website" as the URL is kinda difficult to



Please visit the site OFTEN as it has lots

of great info and it will be updated all the

time. And use the site to register as a

Glommer in 2004!!!



Even if you signed up in 2003, you need

to do it again in 2004. We need to know who

is going this year, and we need to make sure

that your info is current. Having this info is

vital to planning! Please do this at the

website listed above. The cut-off date for

signing up is April 1st... but please do it now!

You info is totally confidential... We don’t

share it with anyone.



Our Glom bar kicked some serious ass last

year... and it will again in 04. I heard a rumor

that our bar was voted, by Piss Clear, as the

best bar in our half of the city!

Over the past few months there have been

some great suggestions for the Bar in 04.

#1- One idea was to simplify the bar by not

having every booze and mixer under the sun

available. As a bartender, it is often difficult

to hear customers over the music and you

have to run all over the bar to find what you

need. So to make life easier, we will only have

a few options for customers... punch, margs,

and beer. And we can have a sign at the bar

that says "order by number: 1=punch,

2=marguarita, 3=beer" and they can merely

hold up that many fingers if the music is loud.

This will also save on the cost of booze, mixers

and bar supplies.

#2 - Serve the punch and margs from those huge

5 gallon drink coolers they sell at home depot,

costco, etc. Drinks can be dispensed by the handy

little spout at the bottom. We don’t need to have

an ice bucket any more... there will be ice in the

5 gallon cooler (more to come on that) keeping

the elixirs frosty. And the bartenders can spend

more time schmoozing with the customers.

#3 - An industrial ice maker and a large freezer

for the bar and the playaQ...

We have been thinking about this since last year.

And Gretcheepoo and I just talked about it at

dinner tonight... and she came up with a great

idea... if we have a freezer, we don’t need an

ice maker. Here’s what we do. Freeze 4-6 one

gallon water jugs in the freezer and put them

(unopened) in the 5 gallon drink coolers.

As one melts, you just take it out of the cooler,

place it back in the freezer and put a new, frozen

one back in the cooler. Voila!

We will still need a little ice

for the beer kegs, but not too much.

(Note to Travis - keep looking for a freezer

but axe the ice maker)

#4 - Beer. As of right now, Joel says he will not

be attending bman. If we want frosty keg beer we

will do it the old fashioned way... keg party style.

Just put the pump-kegs in a garbage can with some


#5 - We need a new name for the Bar! Let’s see

who can come up with the coolest name. And let’s

keep it within the bman theme... something to do

with space travel or astrology or the sun, moon,

planets, etc. Let the creativity flow Glommers!

You can submit your ideas by going to the website

and looking on the events and attractions page.

We will be repainting the bar according to the

new theme at the Fallon meeting.


We are currently looking at May 21st - May 24thas the dates for our annual planning/work meeting

at Mayor Joey’s ranch in Fallon, Nevada. Let us

know if you can attend that weekend.

And this years meeting will be more work and less

planning. Most of the group decision making will

be done long before then. We moved it to a warmer

month so that we can work on things like the Taxi,

the Bar, gASSo, the Tower, and it will be more

conducive to camping and partying! And we will

experiment with punch and marguarita recipes

until we get it perfect!!! Trial and error ya know!

We want to get as many Glommers at this meeting

as possible... and we need to secure the dates... so

if you plan on cumming, let us know!

And we also need ideas on what to do with the

Taxi that Joel so generously donated to the Glom

last year... the sky’s the limit. Post your ideas. It

runs, but it needs some work.



For a current listing of what’s in the Glom so far

this year, please see the website. If you have a

camp, attraction, event, etc. Please let us know

ASAP. We need more "vault of heaven" stuff.

Those of you who already have listed art, camps,

or attractions, please email Dr. Painjoy a brief

description for the website. Once we know what

the Glom is going to be this year, we can better

plan our budget.



Last year, as usual, we went over budget. And a

few Glommers went deep into their own pockets

to make up the difference. We are currently going

over last year’s budget and creating this year’s. We

will be increasing the dues for those camping in the

conGLOMerate village this year... we just don’t know

the exact figure as yet. The budgets and dues info

will be posted in the next Dust Devil. If you have any

opinions, questions or concerns, please speak up...

We need your input!

Now go check the new website!

Your heart may belong to the Man...

But your ASS belongs to the Glom!