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(updated 8/22/04)

These events and attractions are works in progress... things sometimes change!


Alex Steneck (Soss Boss) is our GECO this year (glom events coordinator & organizer)... He is in charge of the planning phase of events... prior to Bman.  If you have ideas, comments, etc. you can email him at:   alex@anthropic.tv

The LBD (little black dress parade) - This is an annual event.  A parade where we (and anyone who wants to join in) don little black dresses and follow the Burning Band along the esplanade, down side streets, and into center camp.  We sing, we parade, we cause a rucous.  The LBD will be held on Thursday at Bman at 4pm.  The person in charge of this event AT Bman is Gretchen Wefer (Gretcheepoo).  She can be emailed at:   weef4@yahoo.com

The Weird Underwear Brigade - This is also an annual event.  A parade where we (and anyone who wants to join in) don the most insane, risque, colorful undies or lingerie and follow the Burning Band along the esplanade, down side streets, and into center camp.  We sing, we parade, we cause a rucous.  The WUB will be held on Tuesday at Bman at 4pm.  The person in charge of this event is????  Do you want to volunteer??? If you do, email Dr. Painjoy at:   mtnsunrisejh@yahoo.com

Marchin' Martians - Calling all Alien Life Forms!!!  Join us for a one time only event!  The Burning Band, in keeping with the Vault of Heaven theme, will be hosting a parade for all inter-galactic life forms and thier space-themed vehicles.  The Marchin' Martians parade will be held on Saturday (burn day) at 4pm.  As usual, the parade begins in front of the Glom and travels the Esplanade, other streets, and winds up in Center Camp.  This parade is gunna be "out of this world!"  Contact person is:

The 4.20 km Fun Run (The Space Race) - Join the conGLOMerate as we celebrate the first annual 4:20 km costume run! It's a little over 2 miles, and you've staggered that far just getting from one side of the city and back... drunk.  So meet at The Man at 9 am tuesday morning the 31st and end at The Glom.  We'll have prizes for best costume and much more.    First 20 runners to pre-register get t-shirts!  Pre-register online or on the playa.   Contact Red at: randanna@comcast.net    

Burningman Greeting - Tuesday from 8am-noon.           Another annual event.  Glommers man the Bman Greeters station for a four hour shift.  Greeting is one of the most fun and rewarding jobs offered by the Bman Org.  And we have done it spectacularly for a few years now.  For more info on Greeting you can click this link to the Bman website http://www.burningman.com/participate/greeters.html    The day and time of our Greeter Shift will not be known until late spring or early summer.  The person in charge of greeting is our Glom Lead Greeter, Deb Root (Debsilly).  She can be emailed at firemonkey@thephambly.com

The Space Race Trivia Hour - Another new event... in keeping with the 04 theme.  It seems that Dr. Painjoy is a bit of a space-race buff...  The Mercury, Gemini, and Appollo projects.  In the bar on Wednesday at 3pm, Painjoy will be challenging all present to answer questions   (ranging from simple to impossible) for prizes and also give other space-race geeks a chance to "stump the space chump" for prizes.  The prizes are yet to be determined (open to ideas).  Email Dr. Painjoy at   mtnsunrisejh@yahoo.com

Daily Burning Band performances - Most late afternoons, the playa-famous Burning Band can be found tooting thier own horns (and other instruments) on the Esplanade in front of the Glom village.  Everyone is welcome to sing along to great olde-type tunes like "When the Saints Come Marching In", "Happy Days are Here Again", "Yes We Have No Bananas", and so many more.  And if you play a marching band instrument... join the band!  All are welcome.... walk right in... sit right down... daddy let your mind roll on!  The person in charge of Burning Band performances is Cindy Costell (Sindy) and she can be emailed at: flossyrabbit@earthlink.net

The Glom Power Hour - Every day at noon, Glommers and BRC guests gather under the BASS.  Dr. Painjoy will host the daily "Power Hour Variety Show" wherein the audience will be treated to performances such as music, puppetry, poetry, dancing and comedy.  The show will also contain commentary on daily headlines from BRC newspapers, weather and traffic reports, updates from the Glom Travel Agency, and discussion of current playa-events.  This will also be a time for chillin with your fellow Glommers, getting to know each other, and planning our  daily/nightly Glom activities.  The bar will be serving some "hair-of-the-dog-that-bit-ya" cocktails to cure your hangovers.  Wear your Glom Name Badges! 

Bound to Burn! - A delicious combination of fire and erotic bondage.  Join Riz as he wows the crowds with his firewhip and other flaming delights.  Scheduled performances will be held on Tuesday and Friday at midnight.

I just couldn't resist putting another one of Riz's photos here!


Lists your attraction or art by emailing Randy Red at randanna@comcast.net 

The anGLOMeda Galaxy Bar - The Glom's famous gift bar.  Serving up intergallactic cocktails to the citizens of Black Rock City.  Try a "Sandworm Spice Shot" or a "PanGalacticGargleBlaster"... they are out of this world!...  or maybe just a frosty earth-brewed draft beer!  These elixirs are our gift to the wonderous alien life forms of the playa!  Keep your eyes peeled for the "earth trivia beach balls" that will be bouncing around the playa with Party Invitations.

The PlayaQ & The UFO Lounge - Performance BBQ and private Glom Only gourmet dining experience.
Premiering at BM '03, the PlayaQ is the creation of performance BBQ artist, the Soss Boss.  Along with a dedicated PlayaQ crew, the Soss Boss creates a grilled artistic culinary experience unrivaled on the Playa.  Featuring the mad skillz of GrillMaster Sir Kinski and recipes ranging from Bacon Wrapped, Blue Cheese Stuffed Filet Mignon, to Mango Teriyaki Tuna to the Playa's best Baby Back Ribs, hot WANGS, Dijon Rack of Lamb, Bacon Wrapped Jumbo shrimp, butter-herb Salmon and plenty of grilled marinated veggies, the PlayaQ is anoasis of gastronomic delights.This year's PlayaQ will feature a private dining room and lounge run byPlayaQ UFO Lounge manager Big Rick and the soon to be launched www.playaq.com web site created by nationally leading web designer, Bryan Rice.  Returning for a second year is Grill Goddess DebSilly to maintain order over the ravenous masses and the original PlayaQ grill, created by Dr. Brush Stroke, Idaho metal artist Dirk Andersen.  While the PlayaQ is a Glom only attraction, non-Glommers will be able to sample these culinary masterpiecesduring 106.1, KSVERT's Kosher Lunch Show, hosted by the Rab-Eye.  Contact Soss Boss for more info: alex@anthropic.tv

The BASS - our Big Ass Shade Structure.  The BASS is the roof to our Bar and our lounge area.  The individual panels were made by various Glommers via plans on the internet.  This is also where the Glom stage is located and will be the site of our daily Glom Power Hours and Painjoy's daily "variety shows".

The Chairway to Heaven - At nearly 40 ft. tall, this is one of Bman's highest rides!  This was created by Mayor Joey, Dr. Huggs, and Dr. Lixit... The participant is strapped into the chair with a 5-point harness, then they are counter-balanced according to their weight (which was accurately measured prior to getting seated), then they are given their last rights and launched to the top of the tower where they gently reach the apex.  You can see all of Bman for the top... you can see the cars coming in from Gerlach!  Contact Mayor Joey for more info:  akadweeb@aol.com

gASSo (Intergalactic Service Station)   - An old fashion gas station facsade
complete with A real gas pump modified with a "Lucy" type propane enema device.
On either side, out on the island, will be placed one
of my new improved firefalls.
An illuminated rotating gASSo sign will be standing
tall over the whole thing.
The office off to the left of front can serve as a
greeting/Command station for the officer of the day.
The (FULL) service bays ought to house the
spank-o-matic, massage tables, as well as the Mayor's newest invention; the OrgASSmatron.
You will have to feel this to believe it!
It's an industrial vibratory bench fitted with a seat
with the appropriate dimensions and configuration to ensure satisfaction especially for those customers that happen to be of the female persuasion!  Contact: Mayor Joey Pettegrew:  akadweeb@aol.com

The StarDance City - Here again for your pleasure, the STAR DANCERS ... opening the Vaults of Heaven, into the Galaxy of Glom...for your pleasure!  Our 20' tall, animated, male and female dancers will invite all heavenly bodies into the gates of the conGLOMerate village, and will be landmarks on the Esplanade.  The dancing figures, from vast distances, will help you find your drunk, sorry asses home again, in the middle of the night...  Contact PsyilliStarman for more info:  starman_don@yahoo.com

The Meteor Shower - Created by Morgan Ashton and Mike Katz.  This is a Glommer-Only attractoin.  Or by special invitation.  There are curtains for privacy, but where's the fun in that?!?!?  There will be a shower dancing competition on Thursday.  Contact Mike for more info:  katz_michael@hotmail.com

The Conquerors of Uranus - Last year, Painjoy named his creation "The Wailing Wall" in honor of the religious theme... this year, the sign will read "Dr. Painjoy and The Conquerors of Uranus!"  All are welcome to use the wall and the toys located behind the wall.  There is daily/nightly instruction available as well.  Contact Dr. Painjoy for more info:  mtnsunrisejh@yahoo.com

Salon du Butt Crack ("Moon" Art) - Salon du Butt Crack is an interactive fine art theme camp and gallery which produces high quality prints from paintings which explore mutually creative themes through the medium of the human derriere. We are generally available for prints from noon till dusk. We have printed over 400 Burning Butts so far. Bring your senses of humor, your friends, your butt, of course, and take home an original print after the event.
Contact Russ & Sam for more info: 

The Glom Stage - located by the BASS for the Glom Power Hour (and other performances)

conGLOMerated Edison (our generator & power grid) - We got the power!  Contact Rocky Mullin for more info:  caliban@sharon.net

Trolltown - Need a friend? Trolltown will be making it's third appearance at Black Rock City, with hundreds of the little buggers just looking for trouble, a shot of tequila, or a playa-buddy (not necessarily in that order). This year Trolltown will be featuring a drive-thru window, to speed the adoption process. Stay and get your photograph taken with your new troll, to add to our archives. Contact redhed@thephambly.com for details. 

The Red Light Quadrant & DJ Doug- Imagine if you will, music, lights and general frolic and frivality.  In that place there is a stage for all expression that could exist within our realm of understanding and then some. This stage brings to life all the beauty that the heavens have to offer in self expression mixed with movement and music. There is a platform for all types of expression through dance and movement including two shadow screens for those that wish to not really be seen. But noticed for the freedom that is allowed by ambiguity. these frame an 8'x 8' bubble screen giving an interactive dancing experience for all those that choose to play in a galaxy of bubbles.  In front of all this intergalatic mind warp we have the staff of creativity from wich one may frolic, spin, climb, and perhaps keep ones balance in a time of need. from here we move down to an earthly realm of playa where those willing souls  move to the intense beat of intergalactic music. created for the soul purpose moving the soul to realms unknown, bring
together light,sound, movement, and Soul.  A place to stage the hopes dreams and desires of all that encounter the magical place known as ........ "The Red Light Quadrant"

Map to the Stars Tour Bus - (formerly the BRC Cab Co.)  The taxi is taking on a new form this year... tour bus!  Travelling the galaxy of BRC has never been more fun.  Nightly tours of the planets, stars and supernovas of the playa will be given by members of the Glom Travel Agency... hop on board or ride along side.  The bus travels at lite speed!

Hello Camp - The simplest of theme camps... we have hundreds of "hello - my name is" stickers with funny and perverted names printed on them.  We stand on the Esplanade and offer the vaious life-forms of the playa new names for the day... fun, a great way to meet people, and a great way to promote The Glom and our events.  Contact Dr. Painjoy for more info:  mtnsunrisejh@yahoo.com 

The "You Killed my Baby" Death Squad - Classified... Top Secret

R2 Tattoo - hey, stop staring at my wifes' boobs!

The PsyilliSaucer - Vaulting across the heavens, PsyilliStarman's PsyilliSaucer is back to contemplate the meanings of you and I... The Cosmos and The Realms of Possibilities.  Contact PsyilliStarman for more info:  starman_don@yahoo.com   

Omar the Fish Kabish -

The Playa Rover - a golf-cart based art car, the playa rover will be a 4 passenger utility vehicle enabling exploration of the vastness of brc and surrounding space.  it will be modeled after the lunar rovers of apollo 15-17 (circa 1971).  Contact Red and Blu for more info:  redhed@thephambly.com

The Moon Balloon - an 8 ft. diameter moon above the tower brought to you by Sir Kinski.  Contact Adam Weakley for more info:  grillmasterkinski@hotmail.com

Space TV - Located in "Star City" (aka - the area in front of the Glom where the Tower is located) you will be able to view space movies & documentaries on the playa.  Original NASA footage of Apollo missions, Documentaries of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, Tom Hanks film "Apollo 13" and his miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon", the academy award winning "The Right Stuff" narrated by Levon Helm, and more...  Contact Dr. Painjoy for more info:  mtnsunrisejh@yahoo.com